Diana Munoz Stewart

Writer  young adult, science fiction, suspense, and romance

He’s done with war. She’s just getting started. A woman’s quest for vengeance collides with a retired soldier’s humanitarian mission in Syria igniting a heated battle against international sex-slavers.  

Rescued from a brutal childhood and adopted into a wealthy family of female vigilantes, Justice Parish wants payback. As a trained assassin for the League of Warrior Women she's targeted two violent misogynists plaguing women in the war-torn Middle East.

 In order to secure her cover, her family enlists the unwitting help of sexy Special Forces veteran turned humanitarian aid worker, Sandesh Ross. Sparks and taunts fly the moment Justice and Sandesh are thrown together. If they don't kill each other, they'll end up making a great team. ​​​

The Summoner's Angel 


Sixteen-year-old Lane Centeno thought having an angel on her side would make life easier—like harps and fluffy clouds easy. Too bad he’s not that kind of angel and she’s not living that kind of life. 

​Honestly, she'd rather believe her overprotective boyfriend, Eddie, was a werewolf or a vampire. But an angel? Him unbuttoning her jeans as they make out on the couch doesn’t exactly scream angelic.

Accepting he's part of an elite group of angels known as Watchers--guardians of humans with supernatural abilities--is just the tip of her problems. Because, as it turns out, he's been watching over her.

Wait. What? 

A time traveling teen struggles to save the world from her future self.

Sixteen-year-old Able McKinney wants a normal life. Finding out aliens hijacked her future self in order to carry out their evil time-traveling plans, so not helping. She should probably just give up and tattoo fatalistic poetry all over her face. Except, she’d rather fight back.
Allied with Rainer, present secret crush and future commando heartthrob, Able travels into her future body to wage a war through time. Her desperate actions could reverse the alien plague devastating her world, but could also separate her from the boy she loves forever.​

Mind Traveler


Warrior Women: The Fall of Justice